March 21, 2023

Who will teach the rules of conduct for AI?

Professor Singhal, who studies the impact of AI and robotics technologies, has been closely watching ChatGPT since its inception. He said that when he asked ChatGPT to write a poem in honor of Donald Trump, ChatGPT refused. But when asked to honor Joe Biden, a poem came out, Singler said. AI seems to only adopt the standards of its creators, he said.

So how do we teach ethics and standards to AI?

I don’t know much about this part because the big tech companies are creating it behind closed doors. Professor Wooldrich said that he sees it as an important issue. He believes that AI-powered internet search engines need to include the necessary screening tools to prevent inappropriate content from being found.

The problem is that AI tends to filter and react to all the information that comes to it, which is toxic on the Internet. hatred, He said things like racism are easy to find.

Who is leading the AI race?

It’s not just Google and Microsoft that are trying to get ahead in the AI war. China has also been testing a ChatGPT-like ‘Ernie Bot’ on its search engine Baidu since March. However, Professor Wooldrich said that Microsoft was a year ahead of other competitors in terms of introducing their product to the market. ChatGPT has learned from all the questions asked by its 100 million users and is doing better than ever.

They have millions of interactions, What things people want. I understand how I want to do it. Professor Wooldrich said that they will build and manufacture such things in their equipment.

Singla said that Google also has some advantages. When people search on the Internet, they use Google more, so they are more familiar. Some even use it as a verb saying that they will do Google. He said that this competition is very interesting. But this kind of AI-based search technology is expensive.

Once someone speaks to the chatbot, a very powerful computer behind the chatbot is already doing the work for that person, Professor Wooldrich said. He thinks that in the future there may even be 2 types of web search.

Depending on the price, we can do a special search using AI. He said that it could become a kind of free service and search, earning income from the advertisements that are now being used.

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