March 21, 2023

Apple officially released that the iPhone uses Sony cameras

In the smartphone world, Apple is known as a company that is very tight-lipped about suppliers and product technical information. Tim Cook’s visit to Sony this time regarding the CMOS camera sensor issue was considered by many to be important news for a company like Apple. While Apple CEO Tim Cook was in Sony’s office, he posted a photo with company CEO Kaneichio Yoshida.

In fact, Tim Cook admits that Apple has been working with Sony for over a decade. Cupertino-based Apple company, the company’s battery, There is no mention of chip and display suppliers. Supply chain analysts say that Corning manufactures the front and rear glass for Apple, while Samsung and LG produce the most OLED panels.

He said that for the chips that will be used in Apple products, they come from TSMC, and for the iPhone camera sensors, they use Sony’s materials. I don’t know much about Sony and Apple’s deal on camera hardware, but I don’t think they’ll ever break up. According to some reports, Sony is creating a new sensor that can reduce exposure and increase exposure using semiconductor technology.

Sony’s new camera sensor is also to be seen in the new generation of iPhones.

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